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Latest PTE Patches threatens your starting build.
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17th Feb 2015

If you guys haven't checked, take a look at the latest experimental PTE patch ... 94-pte-now-up.67988/

Biggest things I want to point out is this:

- Build Energy Draw increased to 2200 from 1500
- Energy Production decreased to 2000 from 3000
- Metal Production decreased to 20 from 30
- Metal Storage increased to 1500 from 1000
- Energy Storage increased to 30,000 from 20,000

Metal Extractor
- Metal Cost increased to 200 from 150

Due to this portion (which may, or may not stick) it means early expansion has gone down to a crawl. I don't know what the hell Uber is thinking, nor do I understand why anyone on the forum thinks this is honestly a good idea. As it stands, you all need to keep an eye on these latest PTE patches and pay attention to whats going on, because if this patch is pushed to stable, it has the potential of completely screwing your starting build. Judging by how Uber is trying to progress with this PTE, I think they want to go for a slower starting Early game.

Some things also worth mentioning is a nerf to Bombers. RoF was decreased, but making them more effective against doxes and tanks, but less effective against structures and commanders (Another nerf I feel like wasn't necessary, but whatever.) Not to mention the cost went up, making your bombers even MORE valuable.

Not sure what this means for the bomber, because I don't feel like this will stick. Chances are though, Bombers won't be as effective as they used to be.

Also: New Walls

- New model to better communicate that your units can shoot through it.
- Mesh Bounds changed to [5, 3, 14] from [5, 5, 7] (Taller, more narrow)

You may want to practice and play around with these, as this will greatly change the game play with them due to their changed model and how they function.

Jigs got an update:

- Nuke Radius increased to 230 from 200

Dont expect this to stick around. They need to fix the build area command before they keep fucking up jigs anymore.

Overall, we'll see what happens. Keep in mind, this is an experimental patch, but it also most likely means that there will be a huge change in the game's meta once this patch is refined and pushed to stable.

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17th Feb 2015

A couple things I've seen with a bit of limited testing and watching some games in the PTE:

The two factory then pgen its completely out the window. In the PTE you'll probably need to go 1 factory then power.

The more expensive mex make treeconomy somewhat viable again if you can afford the power.

The change to bombers makes them more effective against groups of dox.

In general I think there is a very good likelihood very few of these changes will stay as they are currently. Uber even said in their PTE announcement that these are some very experimental changes.
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