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18th Jan 2015

For those of you new to the game, PA has some amazing mod support. Which has led to a large number of useful mods that will greatly assist your gameplay and skill level with proper use.

From simple, easy UI Mods, to Quality of Life add-ins, to visual asthetic improvements.

I'll be posting a list of mods that will greatly benefit you and help you climb the ranks.

First, lets start off with downloading Planetary Annihilation Mod Manager (PAMM for short)

PAMM ... ross-platform.59992/

PAMM is a simple program that allows you to install, enable and disable all the mods currently available for PA. Lightweight and efficient.

HotBuild2 ... 2-v1-40-75539.54561/

Hotbuild2 is a requirement, not a choice. The purpose of hotbuild is to allow multiple build functions by tapping a key in multiple sessions for different structures or units.

Rather than spending time clicking the structure/unit you want to build, then clicking on the screen, you can tap a key to select the building you want. This is important because it allows you to spend less time working on your base, and more time focusing on the action.

(Note: When using hotbuild, wipe all default uber commands and mold them to what fits you best. Do not stack building keys with a key that selects a type of unit, as that will cause you to deselect your fabbers/Buildings.)

PA Stats ... a-stats-74525.50690/

PA Stats will track information of your gameplay such as APM, resource management, unit count, and so on.
PA Stats makes it easier for you to see areas where you may need to improve, as well as give you reports of games between better players to give you a guideline of what you may not be focusing on.

Unit Database ... tabase-v1-2-4.56261/

This mod should be in Vanilla PA, but instead, we have this nifty mod that gives us a detailed breakdown of every unit in the game to help you calculate better resource management, and perhaps even change your starting build.

Connect Buttons ... s-1-0-1-76456.65769/

Another mod that should be in Vanilla. This mod allows you to reconnect to games if your computer has crashed and you accidentally clicked the abandon game button on the pop up, or if the pop up never showed.

Anchor Buttons ... nchor-buttons.54563/

If you're still trying to adjust to creating your own camera anchor points using the hotkeys and find it too awkward, this mod is for you. Instead of keys, you can press buttons on your screen to assign, and click to position you to your desired camera points. Not only simple, but you can move the camera button bar anywhere on the screen you want that feels comfortable to you.

Commander HUD ... ud-v3-3-73737.59137/

This mod makes it much easier for you to track your commanders health by placing a HUD on your screen displaying your commander's health. Simple, and just like the Anchor Buttons Mod, you can move it to where it feels most comfortable.Gross Economy ... -v6-1-1-72908.56640/

This mod fixes your HUD for your Eco with a much cleaner UI that allows you to visually compare your Supply/Demand of your resources, as well as give you either numbers or % of storage capacity.Better System Viewer ... em-view-71937.62565/

Simple. Tells you the number of metal spots on each planet. Required.

Faster Server Browser ... r-browser-mod.63947/

As the title says.

eXodus eSports ... xodus-esports.65063/

Changes your main menu to give feed on the latest Tourny matches and events going on with eXodus.

Fast Delete ... -delete-1-0-2.64938/

Instead of getting a pop up, set a hotkey that will delete the structures you want gone immediately.

Notes ... es-v1-5-76456.55281/

Make a note of players for future reference to avoid asshats, or gauge out a player's skill level.
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