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Terrain Unit Efficiency and Rate of Exposure
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23rd Jan 2015

The only thing more important than outmassing your opponent, is being more efficient with your troops than your enemy.
What does it matter if you're pumping out twice the number of tanks out as your opponent is, if he's beating you with half the tanks you're using?

To understand how to use your units to the best of their ability, we need to understand each one's strengths and weaknesses, as well as basic information such as range, cost, speed, rate of fire and damage.

This is information that is constantly tweaked from patch to patch, so it is up to you to keep track of this information and to test units out and understand the differences as time changes, as well as testing out new units that may be added later on.

Doing a basic study on a units capabilities will help to letting you decide what unit should be used in what Situation/Map/Time. You can turn a losing game into an overwhelming victory just by paying attention to the situation and using the proper unit for the proper situation.

What are the right troops to use?
This is a very important question to ask, and the answer isn't entirely clear to someone who is newer to the game, which is why its important to study your units available.

Some things will always remain a counter for something else. For example, Spinners will always be the counter for Air. If someone is bombing your tanks, you need to get spinners out with your tanks to protect them. What can change, is how many you need for them to remain effective. Do you need 1 spinner for every 4 tanks? What if he's spamming a lot of bombers? What if Spinners had their rate of fire nerfed? What if They just got buffed beyond how they where before being nerfed?

If you have this question, you need to figure out the answer before you even think of playing a ranked game. And that rule goes for EVERY unit in the game. Incompetence and ignorance will kill you in games more than anything else.

When I say Ignorance though, I mean two things. Not just knowing what troops to use, but knowing if your enemies are using them. Which brings me to a very important point that many people forget to do.

Learn to scout and do it always.

Information is the key to winning wars. Chances are you lose a large majority of your games because your enemy scouted you, and you didn't. You don't have to have an APM of 180+ to counter an enemy's tactic. You need to know what your opponent is up to.

You spammed tanks. You're pushing into the enemy base, and before you know it, your entire army of tanks was wiped off the planet by a massive boom bot spam.

Where did you go wrong?

You didn't scout out your opponent to check that they had switched to boom bots a while ago when you started beating them. Now your army of tanks are gone, your base is vulnerable, and you're about to lose a lot of eco and map control thanks to a small group of dox taking out your MEX and factories.

If you had, then you would have trickled in flame tanks in the front of your armies to cover your tanks, or have peppered in sets of DOX to provide increased rate of fire to counter the boom bots.

Knowledge is power, and you don't need to be the fastest player to use knowledge correctly. Speed comes with time and practice, but basics come from learning. Basics will turn games around.

Macro VS Micro

Micro- small.
Macro- Large.

These are two terms you NEED to know all about. You need to know when to be doing these, and when to not. When you're playing, your head should be in a million different places. It won't, but it should be. Both take practice to matter, and the only way to get better is to keep playing, but mastering these two is very important.

Microing and Macroing consume your most important resource available to you in this game.


You have a limited, unrecoverable amount of this in every game. If you are not efficient with it, but your opponent is, you will lose. Its more than being fast, its planning ahead of time to save it, and there are plenty of ways to do this.
Build Queues, Preset orders, Factory Rally points and patrols are all time savers. The more time you save building, scouting and expanding, you can spend destroying your enemies, managing your troops and using them to their highest level of efficiency. If you had Infinite time, it would be impossible to lose a game unless you tried.

As I said, speed comes with practice, but speed is useless if you're not Efficient. Efficiency comes from knowledge.

Now that we understand more about time, we can understand more about the advantages and disadvantages of Microing. What does Microing your troops mean? It means managing them to keep them alive and using as much of their offensive capabilities as possible. An example of Microing, is wiggling your Doxes back and forth to prevent enemies from hitting them, thus allowing them to get more shots on, and hopefully kill the target before they kill you.

There is far more to microing than simply wiggling doxes. Clustering tanks, keeping Flame tanks in the front to soak damage, dividing troops into smaller groups to spread out destructive capabilities, passby with bombers, grouping fighters into clusters and Boom Bot spreading are all perfect examples of Microing.

You can even micro your troops by giving them an advantage using Terrain and structures. Walls, Turrets, Choke points, Craters, cliffs, Rocky Terrain and mountains can all be used to give your troops an advantage over your enemies. Knowing how to do this requires trial and Error, as well as a bit of common sense, so do your best to experiment.


Just as Microing is focusing on small groups of your troops, Macro is the bigger picture. Macroing ranges from Grabbing Mexxes, Factory production, Overall troop movement/Advancement and Orbital. Macroing is more important than Microing in mid to late game, but its NOT Unimportant. Microing important battles that will give you easier access to their base, destroys opposing armies and can cause a serious blow to the enemy can be worth Microing. But without Macro, you won't be getting anywhere outside of your base effectively.

This also means hitting your enemy from every side, as well as making it hard for your opponent to attack your base.
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