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Why I disbanded AC
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4th Mar 2015

Before I start,  I wanted to say I'm Sorry.

 I disbanded AC because I just couldn't keep going with it.

I needed to quit video games to straighten up my own life. Everything is in shambles and my addiction to Video games was preventing me from improving my own life.

I thought that if I tried to be the biggest ass hole to you guys and disbanded AC you'd all hate me too much for me to possibly reassemble AC so that there was NO chance I could go back into my addiction.

 I couldn't think of a better way to do it, but now I just feel regret because I truly ruined something I enjoyed to do (Even if it was frustrating at times).

In all my sincerity, I apologize.

As much as I really want to restart AC, I really can't at this time. I need to get my life back together before I do anything else.

I don't know how long it will be, but I'll post on here when I am.

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Joined: 19th Jan 2015
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10th Mar 2015

Dr Boggles, I do not know if you are reading this, tho i hope so.

To be honest, I am not angry, I am sad. You are not an asshole, all you are is a human. And that humanity is hard to keep, and therefore your reason for disbanding AC is totally understandable to me.

I really enjoyed the few sessions I had, and hope some day finally it will all get together.
Get your life together. Fix it. Whatever you need to do.

Also, thanks for all the things you tought me over the time.

All I can wish you now is GL. GL, HF.
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31st Mar 2015

It's sad, you know?

We had a lot going on. We were all actually improving, working together, learning and teaching one another skills to each other. We did amazing things and spent valuable time helping one another, not just with PA, but life as well.

During the time that I met you, my dear friend, boggles; my supposed girlfriend of that time left me to go try her chances with some guy online. Leaving me alone and lost. You see, she was my best friend and my gaming buddy. But after she left, I really had no one else. That's why I got into PA so much and eventually met you.

It was fucking amazing to actually have people there, just to talk to and fuck around with for hours on end. Distracting me from the problems surrounding me until I finally managed to overcome my feelings and mature.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that's the only good thing about AC for me. But that was probably the one major factor which really pulled me towards you.

What im really trying to get at, is that we were like a huge family. Helping each other out and boosting moral in one another no matter what happened. We all stood by one another, even if conflicts were confronted, and made sure that no one fell under the weather. And YOU'RE the man who made it all happen. You somehow pulled everyone together no matter what, and made us work as one. Made us into better people.

Now I know this is getting fucking homo and you're probably like "the fuck are you doing, Ray?". But its the fucking truth.

You're a great leader, well fitted to lead ANYONE. ESPECIALLY a rag team of PA players. You're an amazing person, giving a helping hand to fuck ups like myself. And you're a great friend that i miss having the occasional conversation with... I miss you man.

This site is going to stay on my bookmarks for as long as it takes till you get your shit together. So ill always be in contact if need be. But you don't ever need to go through this alone man, you still have me, and im sure the second you say "I'm back", everyone will come running back to AC.

So add me back on steam you fucker. Fucking removing me and shit. Mad rude. Not even a personal goodbye.

Just fucking with you, but yeah. Just remember to stay strong when life kicks you around and that you don't need to go through it alone.

Good luck otherwise, and I hope everything goes in the right direction.
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2nd Apr 2015

Now I feel bad for not writing a WallOfText
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